Councillor's Cup – Jan. 31

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Winter is here in full force, which means it's time for the 8th annual hockey showdown in Capital Ward! The Councillor's Cup hockey tournament is an opportunity for teams from four neighbourhoods in the ward to face off on the ice.

Councillor's Cup Hockey Tournament

Saturday, January 31
12:30 – 3:30 p.m.
Glebe Community Centre/St. James Tennis Club

Councillor David Chernushenko will referee the tournament at the usual risk to his body and reputation.

The Glebe Neighbourhood Activities Group has been asked to organize sales of hot chocolate and baked goods, so you may wish to keep some cash handy.

Everyone is welcome to watch. Interested players are welcome to contact the councillor's office so we can refer you to your community's team captain. We particularly encourage women to sign up. Players must be 14 or older.

Please note that we're making a few changes to the tournament format to make the Councillor's Cup more of a celebration of hockey and community, and little bit less of a cutthroat competition. We're encouraging more people to get involved, and we're instituting a "gender-balanced bench" policy, i.e. two females and two males on the ice at all times. We're also making the games a bit shorter to reduce the time commitment and risk of frostbite.


12:30 pm Start Lace up, meet your teammates,
stare down the competition, shake hands
1 pm Game 1 Glebe Goal-Getters vs. Old Ottawa South Moose
1:20 pm Game 2 Old Ottawa East Hosers vs. Heron Park Hackers
1:40 pm Game 3 Glebe Goal-Getters vs. Old Ottawa East Hosers
2 pm Game 4 Old Ottawa South Moose vs. Heron Park Hackers
2:20 pm Game 5 Glebe Goal-Getters vs. Heron Park Hackers
2:40 pm Game 6 Old Ottawa South Moose vs. Old Ottawa East Hosers
3 pm Cup Final The two teams with most game points*
play each other for the Councillor's Cup

* win = 2 points, tie = 1, loss = 0

Rules and Regulations

  1. The format is four-on-four with no goalies.
  2. A team must have two female and two male players on the ice at all times.
  3. Games consist of two 7-minute periods, with a switch of sides at halftime.
  4. Councillor to referee each game.
  5. Each team is guaranteed three games.
  6. All players must be 14 years of age or over.
  7. All players must wear hockey helmets. Additional equipment is encouraged.
  8. No goalie equipment or goalie sticks are permitted.
  9. Penalties will be called for rule infractions. A minor penalty will result in a caution by the game official; in addition, the offending team will lose possession of the puck. A major penalty will result in the ejection of the offender(s) from the game.
  10. Raising the puck is not allowed (minor penalty).
  11. Body checking and slapshots are definitely not allowed and will result in a major penalty.
  12. Any player who abuses game officials will incur the same penalty.
  13. Should the puck leave the ice surface, the last team to touch it loses possession.
  14. Goals must be scored within approx. 3 meters of the net.
  15. In the event two teams tie in game points for second place, the team with the highest number of total goals will play for the cup.
  16. Have fun and be a good sport! Nobody remembers the highest scorer. Everybody remembers the jerk!