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Explorez la rivière des Outaouais au nord-ouest du centre-ville et découvrez le Parc provincial Fitzroy et la zone de protection de la nature de Morris Island. Apportez un pique-nique ou faites du camping au Parc provincial Fitzroy. N’oubliez pas de faire un arrêt dans le village de Fitzroy Harbour et à la confiserie Penny’s Fudge Factory pour acheter des sucreries. Découvrez une partie du milieu rural du Québec lors d’une visite à Quyon, en prenant le traversier aller-retour qui traverse la rivière des Outaouais. 45 km

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On a hot day in August, I invited my staff to join me for this 45-km scenic rural ride — well outside of the normal “urban” focus of my work as a councillor. Highlights of the ride include the picturesque village of Fitzroy Harbour. It was hard to believe we were still in the City of Ottawa!

There were options to take a picnic lunch stop in the park in the centre of the village, or at the beach alongside the inlet from the Ottawa River. The beach can be accessed from the village itself (sparing yourself the strain/pleasure of climbing the steep Fitzroy Street hill) or through Fitzroy Provincial Park. We chose not to take the ferry ride across to Quyon, and thus skipped the 5km or so loop on the Quebec side. But the ferry crossing is free for cyclists, and adds a water dimension to the ride.

Don’t miss Penny’s Fudge Factory. One of our group certainly had no intention of missing the many flavours of fudge — right Angela? — although most of us opted for ice cream instead. Ah, poor Ian and his dietary restrictions!

Morris Island Conservation Area (the suggested start and finish) is worth a walk, or a visit by canoe or on skis on another day.