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Profitez de cette randonnée du siècle et des points de vue époustouflants qui représentent bien le magnifique paysage nord-ouest d’Ottawa. Voyagez léger et faites des arrêts pour vous rafraîchir et magasiner à Dunrobin, Fitzroy Harbour et Kinburn. 101 km

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Enjoy this metric-century ride and stunning visual tour that showcases our magnificent northwestern Ottawa scenery. Travel light with refreshment stops and shops in Dunrobin, Fitzroy Harbour and Kinburn. 101 km

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This ride is for experienced cyclists. It's not that the terrain is that difficult, nor that the traffic is especially intimidating, but the combination of light rolling hills, fast moving traffic on a few sections, and a distance of 101 km would be too much for the casual rider — myself included.

I opted to cut 20 km off the ride for a couple of reasons: I had not been doing any long rides in the for weeks leading up to this one, and I did not want to be in afternoon rush hour traffic, either on my bike or on the drive home. Still, as an 80 km ride, it is a delight. The section I eliminated, I had already done as part of the Kanata & North Country Cruise (ride C).

Leaving from the Richcraft Recreation Complex in Kanata, I turned left instead of right up Terry Fox Drive. At the first intersection, I turned right and headed northwest along Old Second Line Road. About 12 km later, I rejoined the planned circuit at Thomas A. Dolan Parkway (turn left when you reach the T junction). This shortcut also avoids the worst of Thomas A. Dolan Parkway. On a July ride, I had found the more northern part of this road in very poor shape.

This ride is mostly made up of long straight sections that descend gently or climb gently. Stonecrest Road and Logger's Way (turning into Donald B. Munro Drive) are the longest and gentlest. Both are quiet roads that offer a glimpse into just how rural parts of Ottawa are. Fitzroy Harbour offers a great place to take a mid-ride break, or eat a meal or your picnic lunch. You can even dip your feet in the river. I chose to stay fuelled on the classic cyclists' fare of banana and granola bar, holding out for a full lunch at Alice's Café in Carp. Knowing I had only 10 km to go after the lunch stop, I allowed myself to indulge.

But that last 10 km along the pretty Old Carp Road does involve some early climbing, followed by a gentle descent to the finish.

This ride could be broken up into two rides, with an overnight at Fitzroy Provincial Park. Either by carrying your own gear, or by a supporting partner/friend meeting you by car at the campsite with all your needs. The latter is a good option if you don't share the same passion for cycling, or at least for longer rides on rural roads.

For me, this was my final ride. All 15 Capital Rides in the summer of Canada's 150th birthday! What a great way to celebrate the occasion, to get out and see the big city that Ottawa is, and to enjoy life on two wheels.