D - Cap sur Carp et le Diefenbunker

La Mecque des cyclistes : partez du village de Carp vers la campagne environnante, le long des collines agréables et des routes les plus tranquilles à l’ouest de la ville. Rafraîchissez-vous sous terre en visitant le Diefenbunker et découvrez les efforts du Canada dans le cadre de la Guerre froide. Visitez le champ de foire historique de Carp et son très populaire marché agricole du samedi. 45,9 km

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Many local riders head out to the Carp area for their weekend workout, and with good reason. There are plenty of roads with light traffic, and with the surface in good condition.

The village of Carp itself has a number of points of interest, ranging from the Cold War-era “Diefenbunker” — now a museum with multiple activities all year round — to various cafes and restaurants.

At the mid-point, the Herb Garden will be a point of interest for some. But getting there requires 5 km of rough road, and then 5 more in modestly heavy traffic. It’s a shame, because the tour is fairly tranquil otherwise. Still, I found the drivers respectful and cautious. Nothing an experienced road rider won’t have seen before.

The second half of the ride is the quietest and prettiest, and there is the reward of Alice’s Village Café, among others waiting for you. Kin Vineyards is just outside the village of Carp. They are only recently opened, and have started to offer various tours and activities. It's worth looking up when planning this ride.