F - Dans les méandres de Munster

Commencez à pédaler à Munster en notant les attraits le long de la route. Rendez-vous jusqu’au Old Mill in Ashton, une brasserie artisanale authentique de style anglais sur les rives de la rivière Jock. Visitez le vignoble Jabulani Vineyard and Winery lors d’un dernier arrêt avant de revenir à Munster. 50 km

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My daughter Gaia likes cycling, food and craft beer. This was just the route for a Sunday afternoon, father-daughter ride. We started later than intended, and opted to do several odd things to compensate. Although the map suggests parking in Munster, a perfectly good option, we parked in Stittsville and rode from there to reduce the driving.

Mansfield Road is a lovely scenic section, but the Trans Canda Trail (light gravel) is the highlight of the ride. It is more rural than the suburban section of the trail included as part of route D, taking you alongside forest and numerous wetlands.

The Old Mill Pub at Ashton is a charming step back into a bygone era, but with the great modern beer revival choices of the Ashton Brewing Company.

We enjoyed the evening ride along McCaffrey Trail (a gravel road), but with evening coming on, and still feeling that substantial pub supper, we opted to cut the 10 km southern section off our ride. Instead, we took a shortcut on Bleeks Road, a (newly paved!) rolling road with lovely views. We’ll have to check out the Jabulani Vineyard and the Jock Trail next time.

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