K - Rivière des Outaouais secteur est et terres agricoles

La Ville d'Ottawa n'a pas encore finalisé cet itinéraire ni sa traduction. 31,6 km

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With my good friend Leslie, visiting from Vancouver, I chose this ride to make the most of the Sunday Bike Day closure of the Airport Parkway.

We passed by the Aviation Museum, rode along with the hundreds of families and serious riders and took advantage (where the Airport Parkway ends at Montreal Road/ Regional Road 174) of the volunteer services and their tools for a seat adjustment and much-needed cold water fill-ups of our bottles.

We decided to modify the route and skip the on-road sections (partly with bike lanes) along Innes, Cyrville, Ogilvie and Coventry Roads. Instead, we doubled back on the Airport Parkway and then road through the forest paths leading down to the river. For 10 km, we rode along the river, below the bluffs, getting a welcome respite from high winds and the searing heat (it one of the few hot days of 2017 in eastern Canada!).

Slipping into Rockcliffe, we made our way to New Edinburgh and the grounds of Rideau Hall (the Governor General’s residence). An intrepid young man raising funds for his hockey team sold us cold lemonade, which just had to be sipped genteely, sitting in the grass in the shade of a tree, watching cricket. Yes, cricket!

The return ride took us across Ottawa’s newest footbridge, the beautiful and very popular Adàwe Crossing.