M - The OsGOODe Ride

Starting from Osgoode, follow the Osgoode Link Pathway North. Stop halfway in Metcalfe for refreshments, or if you are lucky with your timing, the annual fall agricultural fair. Treat yourself to a home-cooked meal at the popular Red Dot Café in Osgoode as you approach your finish. 59 km

Ride with GPS directions

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My rideOsgoode DavidandMikeGiunta

Well, there’s a story to this one. My friend Michael joined me for this rural ride. I brought the printed map. He brought the cell phone with GPS coordinates. You can see where this might be going. As we locked up the car and prepared to launch down the Osgoode Trail Link (the first 10 km or so of the ride), I could not find the map.

That’s OK, we thought, there is the cell phone. Until it died 20 minutes later. Going from some vague recollection of the route, we got ourselves completely misdirected (not lost; guys don’t get lost!). In the end, we cobbled together a route that gave us a decent workout, some nice views and a way to get back to the car. More importantly, we drowned our sorrows with a cold beverage and substantial meal at the renowned Red Dot Café. Two guys with bikes and no map!

I returned a week later with the map, rode the 59 km rural ride on my own, and noted a few highlights. The largest solar panel array I have seen in the Ottawa region; the village of Metcalfe – great to check out on market day; and, once again, the very pleasant Osgoode Trail (light gravel). To reduce my driving time on this second try, I parked at the northern end of the trail (closest to Ottawa). That made me in easy striking distance of Bakker’s General Store and Deli – great sandwiches and too many deli choices to list here. I arrived home carrying dinner.