O/P - Cumber Tour de Land

Nestled along the Ottawa River, start from the small village of Cumberland. Once bustling with industry, learn more about this 19th century outpost at the Heritage Museum. Ride out of the river valley green woodlands, past country estates and into the flat farm hinterland to pick up speed along a combination of quieter country back roads. Looping into Sarsfield, enjoy the stunning vistas across rich and fertile farmlands. Before heading back down to the river, stop in at Proulx Farms for seasonal berries, maple syrup and other farm-fresh goodies. For a shorter route, do a small gravel stretch on scenic Sarsfield Road. Coast downhill, returning to the river — making sure to leave time for refreshments at the Black Walnut Bakery Café. 20.5 or 69 km

Ride with GPS directions (long route)

Ride with GPS directions (short route)

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My ride

On a sunny Saturday afternoon in September, I rode the shorter version (P) of this route. At a hair over 20km, with some modest hills, it made for a spin of slightly over an hour.

Considering the many possible stops along the route, this tour is good for a casual rider who is looking for an enjoyable outing. There’s the Cumberland Village Heritage Museum early on in the ride, the Proulx Farm part way through and the Cumberland Farmers’ Market on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., between mid-June and mid-October.

And then there is the Black Walnut Bakery Café. It is so good that I recommend saving it for the end. That way you won’t be weighed down while riding, and you can take some goodies home. Tip: the Pear Spice Pie is delicious!

The longer route covers much of the same territory as the short one at the start and finish, but ventures deep into Eastern Ontario farmland. The roads are mostly flat to gently rolling, so the 69 km route is not too punishing for an experienced rider.